Charlie is a graphic designer with print as well as web experience. His knowledge of typographic nicety borders on the obsessive, frankly. He has produced several small-press books and claims that, instead of setting him in his ways, the experience made it easier to work in the idiom of the web. Although a proficient coder, Charlie concentrates on look and feel. His maxim as a designer is that content doesn’t count until it has the correct form – information is only information when people can get at it. He hikes, plays go, and takes photographs.


Nick is all about systems. He has several years of experience as a senior network administrator and web developer, and a bachelor’s degree in biology. These two things don’t always strike people as related. If you think the connection is obvious, he’d probably like to talk to you. You can ask him just about any question regarding xhtml, css, or telomere genetics. Cats tend to like him, which should be all the character reference you need. For fun he climbs things he shouldn’t, folds paper, and plays the electric violin.


Julia was our resident cognitive scientist and database expert. She had a bachelor’s degree in biopsychology, and specialized in cetacean behavior and communication. Humans being highly social mammals themselves, this made her uncannily good at interface design. She had an incredible list of extracurricular activities, ranging from knitting to scuba diving, from unicycling to amateur radio. On various whims, she taught herself Hawaiian, Morse code, and braille. Basically, if it was cool, useful, or a nearly lost art, she could do it.

She was killed in a car accident in the summer of 2006. We are left with a wealth of ideas and creations, and though she can no longer be an active participant in Panharmonicon’s adventures, her influence in our work remains strong.